Christopher Calandrino of Lomita Memorializes His Brother's Memory This Year

Monday 28 September 35705 Shares

Christopher Calandrino of Lomita Memorializes His Brother's Memory This Year

Christopher Calandrino of Lomita CA. Was told as a young child his brother was the lovable but, angry character Donald Duck. At a young age of 2 years old, young Christopher (then known as Donald himself) would visit Disneyland to see his "brother". The excitement was very apparent. Sadly, the joke was taken as fact.

But, as the year moved on and he turned 3. He questioned the honesty in his family. There was a possibility that Donald Duck may not be his brother after all. We interviewed his sister Jacqueline Leon. She reluctantly agreed to answer some questions. "Christopher, really loved Donald Duck. At a young age he noticed their names were the same. Our parents were joking one day with him. Chris had said the word "brother" when hearing the name Donald Duck. Our parents were giggling as was I. They agreed and humored my baby brother that Donald Duck was his brother. He really got excited since at that time he watched Duck Tales constantly. The joke only lasted a little over a year. But, he would get so excited when we would see Donald at Disneyland or on TV. It became this family joke that we all would laugh at as the years went on". We tried to reach his Mother Sisie Brown but, she couldn't be reached to answer any questions about the subject. We did speak to his fiancé Kristina Belcher. "Chris was pretty excited to be Donald Duck this year. I really think he'll pull it off nicely. He's a character as it is so, I know we'll rock them". We also were able to contact Donald Duck himself. He was in front of The Toon Town enterance at Disneyland Park. "I remember the little tyke. I think it was 88' maybe 89'. He was super adorable. His parents did whisper to me that he believed I was his brother. I couldn't let the little guy down and I went with it. I always wanted a brother. So, I thought why not".

This year Kristina Belcher creatively celebrated that running joke within the family with handmade Donald and Daisy costumes for Halloween. Honoring that year when Chris had a brother. The costumes were a hit. Everyone loved them. Chris was once again able to relive that wonderful time in his life when he had a brother. But, all things do come to an end. At midnight, on Halloween, Chris, will shed a tear when he has to remove his sailor hat and say goodbye to the fond memories of his once beloved feathery brother. - J.G.L