Toledo Man and Veteran Arrested for Drug Posession, Aggravated Assault

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Toledo Man and Veteran Arrested for Drug Posession, Aggravated Assault

One witness described the event as surreal and horrifying.

"I was just outside, sitting in my rocking chair and smoking cigarettes all day, when next thing I know there's a bunch of yelling," says 64 year old David Copeland. "I come to find out there's a black man beating up on that white man and I had to call the cops.

Nearby residents offer similar accounts of the incident, some with additional details. One person, in this quiet neighborhood off of Fleet Street, had this to say.

"There was a lot of cursing. It felt like I was watching a really bad T.V. show, quite honestly. The black guy kept pacing around the white guy. It seemed like they were having a pretty intense conversation, then the black guy yelled, 'What did you say you m-fer?' Then he just hit him. I was scared I was going to be next, so I called the police."

James Edward White, 24, is going to be held in Lucas County Jail for the time being, up until further details are revealed and charges are officially filed. The charges are aggravated assault and possession, with additional charges to include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and assault on an officer. 27 year old Matthew Betancourt, the victim, is currently at the Toledo Hospital and is in serious, but not life threatening, condition.

Other eye witnesses claim that it had to have been a case of a dtug deal gone wrong, as virtually the only crime that is committed in this area are "petty drug deals."

More details as this case develops.