Aliens steal Waynesboro resident's Kayak

Monday 01 June 72812 Shares

Aliens steal Waynesboro resident's Kayak

During the early evening hours on 7-6-2017 at 4:00 PM a UFO was spotted circling a subdivision in Waynesboro.

After a period of time it landed in an unknown location, and seen again at 5:55 PM.

At 6:00 PM Ray Murray arrived back at his residence and discovered his Kayak was missing. Upon filing a police report it was found extremely damaged a partially submerged 2 miles down stream of the South River.

Scratched into the side of the Kayak was written. "Virginia is not for lovers" and "Earth Sucks".

Ray Murray was quoted as saying "Those extraterrestrial jerks that Kayak was new" and "I don't think my homeowners insurance will cover this".

Coincidentally, his homeowners will not cover the damaged Kayak.

Upon seeing the UFO a second time witnesses said they heard the faint music of Beastie Boys immortal song "Fight For Your Right".