Butter Forbidden at Iowa State Fair

Saturday 08 August 18836 Shares

Butter Forbidden at Iowa State Fair

Butter is now a forbidden food item at the Iowa State Fair due to its high saturated fat content. A recent study completed at the University of Iowa Ag Research Laboratory found that swapping saturated fats for processed carbs, like white bread and white rice, had a huge negative effect on heart disease risk. Neither the processed carbs or butter full of saturated fat is good for you.

One of the last work items that Governor Terry Branstad (now Ambassador to China) completed was a proclamation the Iowa State Fair was BUTTER FREE. The end result is the butter cow will now consist of a coconut oil alternative type margarine. It will be a bit more white in color but have the same consistency as butter.

John Smith, Iowa State Fair Butter Marshall said, "what is good for Iowans is good for the Iowa State Fair attendees", so no more butter!