Shark "Attack" in Tampa Bay

Monday 30 November 10260 Shares


A shark attacked a group of paddle boarders this afternoon in Tampa Bay. The group was paddling near Weedon Island Preserve when the incident occurred. No one was injured but several people were rescued by a small fishing boat in the area. The remaining paddle boarders returned to boat ramp at The Getaway Restaurant on Gandy Blvd.

Sara Jules, 29 of St. Petersburg said it was a harrowing experience as the shark went from board to board and bumped them. She said most everyone was pretty experienced so nobody fell off even when they were bumped. She estimated the shark to be 10-12 feet.

While it is rare to have sharks this far up in the bay it is not unknown. In 1992 a fisherman working the flats near I-275 snagged a 11 foot bull shark. USF College of Marine Science said that water temperature fluctuations may have driven the shark in search of food that far north into the bay. Officials say the shark appearances are the result of a "thriving aquatic ecosystem" in the area.