USAF ditching computers for High Tech Mission Planning

Friday 05 June 69822 Shares

USAF ditching computers for High Tech Mission Planning

Due to the recent security concerns with using Personal Computers, USAF Cyber Command has decried that effective 1 August 2017 all Mission planning will be accomplished like it was in the past....the distant past...with pencil and paper!

USAF AFLMC/HBM, the current "keeper" of computerized mission planning could not be reached for comment, but a local fighter pilot from Eglin AFB, FL, when told about this development simply remarked "You gotta be Shitting Me!".

Russ Brooker, current Mission Planning employee and former fighter pilot, who is active in evaluating Mission Planning software for the Air Force was dumbfounded when told. "Well, it just makes sense I reckon...but not sure if this makes me a software engineer or a "math teacher" now!"

Cyber Command Public Affairs Officer, 2nd Lt Willie Macut, commented that this was the safest way they could see to allow airplanes to continue to operate without a cyber risk. When asked about discussions with the Air Combat Command, his answer was short and sweet, "Oh we don't discuss with anybody, we just dictate what they are to do!".

More to follow...