UFO Sighting on American Airline Flight 239

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UFO Sighting on American Airline Flight 239

(Dallas, TX) July 14, 2017
Crew and passengers of American Airlines flight 239 from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Minneapolis on Friday July 14, 2017, over the plaines of Kansas, we're said to be startled or scared, and some were down right excited by the sighting of a lifetime. An unidentified flying object (UFO) appeared on the right side of the passenger jet, an AA owned Boeing 737.

The UFO was first spotted by a passenger who showed flight crew. Headed straight for the phone to communicate with the pilots, who apparently we're already well aware they were in the company this of the unearthly craft, which had been ahead and off to the front right of the jet, flying at the exact speed and slightly higher, but in full view of the pilots.

Radio signals seemed to be jammed momentality but the crew was able to talk to tower radar employees who said they were picking up an unknown signature on their radar screen, though attempts to make contact to warn them had been unsuccessful.

About five minutes into the sighting, the UFO slowed down just a little, and began it's way towards the aft of the American Airlines jet where passengers and flight attendants got a show they will never forget - the UFO was making complete 360° loops around the jet until it was at the very rear, and seemingly just disappeared. The entire incident lasted about 15 minutes. Though no injuries were reported, six men in black suits and dark glasses swiftly disembarked the plane and ushered the crew and passages, put them into passenger van and taken to an undoclosed location. Though sworn to a vail of secrecy, passengers have contacted various new outlets to give their account of what happened on an otherwise typically uneventful flight to Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

While UFO Sighting are relatively uncommon with the majority of people being skeptical, there is a large contingency of earthlings who have had, and make no mistake they will swear to their death, have had from brief sightings up to and including abduction. Some say they have been the subject of multiple abductions during their lifetime. Researchers and scientists alike look for signs of life on other planets.