President Donald Trump Begs Bernardo Matos For 'Bailout'

Friday 30 October 59021 Shares

President Donald Trump Begs Bernardo Matos For 'Bailout'

With all polls showing a major slide in his approval rating, and ill feelings from virtually every nation around the world, President Trump is out of ideas, and has no clue of what to do to make him a man the nation can be proud of. The President prefers to work with the wealthy, but realizes that he needs to 'Keep it Real' with the poor. This is when he sought out Bernardo 'Bang Bang Mucho Macho' Matos for a complete 'Bailout' of his presidency.

The two were spotted last week in South Africa while playing golf at the Shakaka Course, in which Trump is an owner of the resort. It was noticed by the paparazzi that the president rarely played any of the holes due to taking notes while Matos shared his life experiences, and opinions on matters of how to get back up, after falling so far down. "That's my specialty" Bernardo said with a grin that could be referred to as a cat after eating the canary....

"The first thing I told the President to do was to get a damn haircut, that looks ridiculous" as Bernardo laughed at his own quote.

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