BREAKING NEWS. New Source Says Hillary Met with China in Attempt to Take Down Trump.

Friday 10 July 77630 Shares

BREAKING NEWS. New Source Says Hillary Met with China in Attempt to Take Down Trump.

It was released this week, that Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton met with Government Officials from China who were said to have Classified information regarding her campaign rival Donald Trump. In the newly discovered emails, likely among those that had been deleted from Mrs. Clinton's servers, it was disclosed that Hillary along with her husband Bill, then head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as other (yet to be named) campaign officials were in attendance at the meeting said to be held at the Clinton Library in Little Rock Arkansas.

Clinton and Schultz were already known to have conspired against Bernie Sanders in order to secure the nomination for the Party. However, it seems they had attempted to continue their conspiracy against Donald Trump. Among the list of information said to have been given to the Clinton Campaign was the Damning video of Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush making lewd comments regarding a Days of Our Lives Actress, as well as a supposed list of names of women who were said to have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.

The emails themselves have not been released to the public as of now, they are still being reviewed by DNC officials to determine the motivations of the Clinton Campaign. So far they are standing by Mrs. Clinton and her campaign team, saying "No evidence shows the attempt of collusion by Secretary Clinton or her staff."

During the 2000 campaign, Democratic Candidate Al Gore received a tape of then rival George W. Bush preparing for an upcoming debate. Following constitutional law, the Gore Campaign team turned the tapes (believed to be stolen) over the FBI. If Clinton and her Campaign was given classified information regarding Mr. Trump, those involved could face a federal judge for failing to hand the evidence over to the FBI as soon as it was known. At this point it is unclear what this developing story will turn out, or where it will lead.