Bigfoot Spotted in Southern Michigan's Hillsdale County

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Bigfoot Spotted in Southern Michigan's Hillsdale County

The usually quiet community of Hillsdale, MI is buzzing with reports of a Bigfoot sighting. As of Thursday, July 13, 2013, the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department have no confirmed reports of the legendary monster but residents have come forward with their accounts of Bigfoot.

Most of the reports came in Wednesday evening in the late afternoon to dusk. Possibly the most descriptive report came in from two young men, Tyler Smith, 20 and Cameron Neill, 18, both of Ohio, who were in the Ransom area Wednesday afternoon. The two said they were exploring an old quarry in Ransom Township just off Burt Road when they heard two distinct loud screams that didn't sound like anything either of them have ever heard in the wild.

"We both love to hunt and spend a lot of time out in the woods," said Smith, "but neither of us have ever heard or seen anything like we did at the quarry. It was blood-curdling and went right through us."

According to Neill, the two were walking toward the edge of the quarry waterhole talking about whether or not it would be good fishing when they heard something heavy coming toward the edge of the water opposite from where they stood. They were expecting to see a big buck, but then they heard the screams.

"We just froze," said Neill. "When you are used to being in the woods you don't expect something to scare the hell out of you, but this did. Neither of us moved, we just looked at each other because we couldn't believe the sound."

Soon after the screams, they heard movement again coming toward the water. Neither of the young men knew what to think when they saw what walked up to the water's edge. Smith tried to get a picture of it, but he said it was too far away for his cell phone camera to get a clear shot. When the bigfoot saw them, it turned and went back into the wooded area. Smith and Neill said that is when they ran for their truck which was parked in a nearby cemetery.

Sightings were reported from Ransom Township on Wednesday afternoon to the area of Prattville and South Waldron Roads early Thursday morning, indicating that the creature may have been moving in a southeasterly direction. If you see anything, please notify the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department at 517-437-7317.

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