Scott in Charge. Baio Named White House Communications Director.

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Scott in Charge. Baio Named White House Communications Director.

By Tom DeLillo, August 1, 2017 New York (Breakingnews365)

Actor and long time Trump supporter Scott Baio Has been named Director of Communications for The White House.

Telling Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro "Trump personally called me late last night to offer me the position." In an interview with this reporter, Baio said he is "fed up" with the swamp pf Washington and can't wait to "Roll his sleeves up and get to work."

Baio will meet with Trump Thursday morning the White House confirmed earlier today.
He then meet with the White House press corps early Friday afternoon in a wide-ranging news conference.

Like Scaramucci, Baio doesn't have communications experience. So who will he learn from? "The president himself" said Baio. “The best messenger, the best media person, the most savvy person in the White House is the President of the United States and I will learn from him. I can play the part in a believable way until i become the part." said Baio

When asked if he was concerned about having to report to a General Baio replied; "A general is equivalent to a direct in the world I come from. His word is law. You follow his orders. occasionally you offer a suggestion knowing full well, it may not land. And you accept it. I would not have become the big star I am if I did not know how to take direction".

The actor, well-known for his roles on the TV series Happy Days, its spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi and Charles in Charge, responded to critics who say his seemingly lack of experience could hurt the President. "He has already been hurt by his own party who won't get fully behind him. They've lied and conned and B.S.ed their own constituents".

"They have attacked President Trump because he is not one of them, a career politician, and we need somebody to relentlessly, attack the left, attack the extreme right, attack the media and all those who do not get on the Trump train. It's the only way we're going to get the Presidents agenda moving forward".

Baio comes froma long list of Hollywood supporters for Trump, including Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Aaron Carter, Kid Rock, Stephen Baldwin and Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson.