Trump plans to squash Canadian debt by giving them part of Montana.

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Trump plans to squash Canadian debt by giving them part of Montana.

September 15th, 2017- 9:57am - HRA Headquarters.

You read that right! Trump announced early Friday (Sept. 15th) That the debt with Canada will be settled in late 2018 by giving them the State of Montana and its nearly 1 million population. Trump claims he mentioned this change early in his campaign but since no one tends to care about what goes on in the state it was never brought up as a bad decision in debates and was also considered a "Great idea!" by Bernie Sanders.

Lets be honest the state has been on fire for 4 months, so its not "beautiful" anymore, (Not sure who thought it was before) and has not been an asset to the US for over 47 years. The only good thing to come out of Montana was that Pearl Jam guy Jeff. Reports of the whole state being riddled with bears and rattle snakes, is enough to keep anyone away. The miserable weather has reported to reach temps of -40 in the winter and +120 in the summer. There is no other option to get rid if this horrendous state and the Canadians aren't smart enough to realize how mush of a crap hole it is so I say let them have it! Trump seems to finally be doing some good for the US and the world. Mark this one down as a win for The US, Good riddance Montana!

Written by JAJ Reporter C. L. Nitram
Don't get your panties in a bunch, its just a joke!