Trump Conspiracy Hits White House Hard, Could He Have An Illegitimate Child?

Friday 05 June 85041 Shares

Trump Conspiracy Hits White House Hard, Could He Have An Illegitimate Child?

The National and International news stations are in an uproar Thursday after new reports and information about a potential link between current United States President Donald Trump in a shocking revelation that has Trump on a maniacal Twitter rampage.

Recent reports cite undocumented payments being distributed from Trump campagin headquarters from 2007 and up to a few months before the election. Upon investigation the Washington Post determined that the money was being deposited into a checking account for a woman by the name of Elina Branson of Chicago, Illinois for purpose of "child support".

On questioning the woman, the Washington Post reports Elina stated that the money was made for child support for her adopted daughter from the patriarch, but was unable to confirm or deny if the parent was indeed the President of the United States. In a prepared statement Thursday morning Elina states, "The monies were received from an unknown source for purpose of child support," she further states, "the adoption agency arranges payments" and she, "is not made aware of the nature of the money other than it being paid out by one or both of the child's legal birth parents."

When asked if the money could potentially be sourced from the Trump campaign, Elina stated, "For all I know, it very well could be". Elina has refused further questioning, but the President has taken up arms against the Washington Post, deeming it a "fake news trash shoot" and a "conspiracy theory warehouse".

Fox News this morning uncovered a shocking new twist to this story, locating a legitimate birth certificate in old New York City hospital birth certificate records for one "Amethyst Trump" born on December 16th, 2004 born to "Donald J. Trump" and "Melania Trump". Donald Trump has refused to comment on the story directly, only to chastice it as "fake news".