TOUCHDOWN ... Maybe ????

Wednesday 05 August 80133 Shares

TOUCHDOWN  ... Maybe ????


New York giants wide receiver number 13 Odell Beckham Jr. has been rumored to been maybe off the market & dating or just friends with Cali Blancó from Newberry SC as what we for right now . Sources closer to the camp of Beckham has spoken out and said “ Odell and Cali are just friends.. close to be exact and just taking things slow “. With ending that they love spending time with each other whenever they have the chance due to scheduling. Beckham recently fractured his ankle in the fourth quarter game against the Los Angeles Chargers and had been confirmed to be out for the rest of the season. Maybe with Odell having time to recover the two could possibly be spending more time together and level up from the FRIEND ZONE or is this just another Odell hook up rumor. Leave your a comment below telling us what do you think of this story and promise to keep you posted on anymore rumors about these two.