“Jeep Wave now a Traffic Violation “ Wait What?

Thursday 28 May 47281 Shares

“Jeep Wave now a Traffic Violation “  Wait What?

In today’s news our investigation team uncovered convincing evidence that there is no “Jeep Wave” violation bills or amendments to any bill in Oregon.

The Oregon State Legislation was contacted and a state representative denied any such changes or additions. They have received many calls of complaints but have remained firm in the position. We were told by Representative Katican this action, of prohibiting drivers from waving to one another would be a violation of the freedom of speech we are all guaranteed.

While the reputable snopes.com did not have any information available on a “Jeep Wave Violation”, it did disclose the website wherein this report was first noted as a popular user generation headline site for the amusement of its users. It is all in fun. “Admittedly the headline has been making its way around the web but it’s just not true,” said Representative Katican.