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Monday 26 October 10153 Shares

Facebook Now the

Facebook Now the Ultimate Provider of Truth

For Immediate Release

In a shocking turn of events today, the World Court grant Facebook the ultimate authority on truth and fact checking. In a 9-0 decision, the highest court in the entire universe ruled whatever is posted on Facebook is 100 fact no matter how false it may actually be.

Mark Zuckerberg, when asked, said they have always been allowing mostly truths, but with the addition of Mike Pontius to the staff, there is no truth too false of too unbelievably believable. Zuckerberg stated about the new hire, “Pontius is a respected member of the internet community and No One, and I mean NO ONE, can spread bovine excrement as well as Mike Pontius.”

When we reached out to Mike, he stated, “That Zuckerberg is crazy, I’ve never told a full truth in my life; but hey, if they want to pay me, I’ll tell them anything they want to hear.”