Bigfoot Seen In Southern Ohio

Wednesday 12 August 4947 Shares

Bigfoot Seen In Southern Ohio

Batavia, Ohio -- A hiker was walking through the woods in Clermont County when he spotted a large animal in the woods that he thought was a black bear. As he approached, the animal stood on two legs and started throwing rocks at him. The hiker ran several miles and asked for help from a homeowner who was afraid to enter the woods having seen large black shapes in the trees on other occasions.

Local hunter, George Schenk, says he has observed bigfoot foraging on his property and followed the creatures back to their family units. "The smell is what gives them away. You can smell that stench from miles away. It's like one of them sweaty monkeys at the zoo that can't stop touching itself," Schenk says. "I had this here statue made of what they look like."

Zoologists from the University of Spitzbergen are combing the area where the animal was last seen hoping to pick up the trail or solid evidence of its existence. Skeptics say bigfoot sightings are bears walking on two legs or sometimes a person in a gorilla suit pranking friends. Bigfoot experts disagree. They say a species of large primate can easily hide in the wild areas of North America especially one known for being so shy toward humans.