Coronavirus could mutate into Black Plague

Monday 13 July 51153 Shares

Coronavirus could mutate into Black Plague

Scientists in China working on discovering an antidote for the Coronavirus have said that it is conceivable that it could yet mutate into the Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, which ravaged the world's population in the 14th century.
The Black Death, or The Plague, as it was often referred to, killed between 75 million and 200 million people in Europe and Asia. It was at its most virulent between 1347 and 1351, and, even after subsiding in 1353, recurred several times during the following centuries.

The Coronavirus and the Black Death have several worrying similarities:

• they both originated in China

• they both killed people

• the Black Death came from rats, the Coronavirus from bats, and these two rhyme

Authorities in China are watching for any changes in the virus.

One group of scientists in Beijing, working independently, are known to have introduced it to rats, to see what would happen. They say that, thus far, there has been no Bubonic Mutation, although one rat has managed to escape the lab.