Oscar & Pedro is Cartoon Network's answer to fan criticism.

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Oscar & Pedro is Cartoon Network's answer to fan criticism.

Troy Patterson - Unexpected but welcomed. Cartoon Networks new upcoming show, 'Oscar & Pedro,' is said to be Cartoon Network's brand revival cartoon show. It's a family sticom-comedy styled, sort of like, er- The Amazing World of Gumball out of all things.

Is it good though? Probably.. or probably not. The Pilot episode, which was shown off before a movie screening in LA, is said to have, by one of the show's directors (which attended the screening), "...a ton of positive reception. We know what we're doing here."

One Reddit user posted a AMA about the cartoon, as he's supposedly seen this episode during the film.

"It's like all of the good 2010's CN cartoons had a baby and decided to make it public waaay later than it should." He follows up by saying "It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I still see this being a huge success for CN. It feels amazingly distinct and original, while still being obviously inspired by older shows. I love it."

An anthropomorphic Owl family in a mixed animal-human world. What could go wrong? The premise seems promising. In a interview with one of the co-creators, Jerry Johnson states "We had so much fun creating this show. Good ideas just flood out of nowhere. We really can't wait for people to see this. The lives of the wild, obnoxious Oscar and smart but heartful Pedro, and their dysfunctional owl family will dash onto the TV soon. Watch this space."

Apparently Ben Boquelet and J. G. Quintel also helped out with the show, according to Jerry. "We thought that getting our feet out into the animation door would be much easier with the help from the creators of one of the most iconic 2010's CN shows."

This show was announced yesterday on Cartoon Network's twitter. The tweet follows "Obnoxious and smart. They don't always go together." Along with the date "12/13/2022," which obviously indicates a December 2022 release - just in time for kids to snag onto their parents and force them to watch it during christmas.