Climate Change Irate over "Wimpy" Crisis

Monday 26 October 73956 Shares

Climate Change Irate over

SEATTLE, WA.— Climate change has filed a formal complaint to the World Crisis Committee after the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) rocketed to prominence since its arrival in November 2019.

Climate change has a history of grievances regarding its image. Formerly known as "global warming", this slow-moving crisis still hasn't found a catchy, yet ominous, moniker. Climate change has an uphill battle, experts acknowledge, given that it unfolds over time and is hard to pin down in simple "cause and effect" language that people demand.

COVID-19 has everything that climate change lacks. The cleverly abbreviated name for the virus, as chosen by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, suggests the notion of science without all that confusing jargon, the virus appeared with a splash "out of nowhere" (novel!), and, best of all, it can be fatal within weeks, and that includes YOU!

Climate change is boiling over. It's spewing hot water all over the place...and no one cares. In a press conference Tuesday, climate change erupted with some sharp jabs: "It's such a wimpy virus, it can't survive a good hand-washing...there'll be a cure in a couple of years!"

COVID-19 is the undisputed world crisis leader for the foreseeable future.