Level Five CEO to speak at AfriCom Conference & Exhibition 2019

Tuesday 02 June 98041 Shares

Level Five CEO to speak at AfriCom Conference & Exhibition 2019

Nabih Chamchoum, an ECOWAS national through both his parents, was born in Lebanon, and founded his first company, Level Five in 2015, to cater and provide supplies and services to the telecom industry in Nigeria. Today the company plays a major role in VAS and Core Network products for emerging markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. Mr. Chamchoum has over 12 years’ experience in various sectors of the African market and has become one of the most successful pioneers in his industry.

"The Future of Telecoms illustrates the growth in Africa and the middle class Africa. Mobile connectivity growth has had a dynamic impact in Africa." Chamchoum says.
"As a CEO of a company that offers services to help the millions of subscribers of Africa with minimal means, and a citizen residing the continent for my early ages, I got to learn about the high level of digital innovation and creativity in other African countries. What was amazing was to know that those countries that are leading in the digital space have limited resources and infrastructure compared to South Africa. They have come up with various ways of providing internet connectivity in the villages that are extremely disadvantaged and marginalized."