Naked burglar found stuck in a CHIMNEY claims he's 'not crazy' and someone 'laced' his drink

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Naked burglar found stuck in a CHIMNEY claims he's 'not crazy' and someone 'laced' his drink

A naked burglar who got stuck in a chimney was arrested from the roof of a Merrillville home wearing nothing but a towel while rambling and shouting that he's 'not crazy', someone 'laced' his drink and people were trying to kill him.

The man, who has been identified as Trevor Ivanyo, was arrested on burglary charges after he attempted to steal items from a Merrillville home, but was confronted by a couple in the home around 7.40am on Sunday morning.

After the husband confronted the intruder, he fled the home, located on the 6900 block of Taft St and hid in a neighbor's chimney where he got stuck.

Cops were called to the scene and launched a search, deploying dogs and a helicopter to look for the intruder.

About 40 minutes later, the Lake County Sheriffs Department received a report of a naked man stuck in the chimney of a home near Taft and 69th Street.

He was discovered by neighbor Portia Woffard, who said she heard strange noises coming from the home.

'I just heard a voice out of nowhere saying "Hi can you bring me water?" Woffard said. 'I said "Yeah I will, where are you?" Then he said "in the chimney."'

'They had me running around buck naked,' the man screamed as cops arrested him. When Mr Ivanyo was taken into custody large bottle of KY jelly, adult toys, glitter and an assortment of hair care products were found in a nearby Jeep.

Woffard, who found him in the chimney, said he gave her a similar explanation.

'He said people were trying to kill him, he did drugs, somebody laced his drugs. He said he needed water, he's harmless,' she said.

Me Ivanyo remains in custody until a mental evaluation can be performed.