Hartselle 4th Grade Basketball Extends Coaches Contracts

Monday 18 January 40487 Shares

Hartselle 4th Grade Basketball Extends Coaches Contracts

Breaking just today, Hartselle 4th Grade basketball has extended the contracts of coaches David Terry and Aaron Sivley. Both now have 10 yr contracts paying them nearly $5.5 Million each through 2030!

General Manager Brandon Sparks when ask about the news Wednesday said, “we are excited and relieved to finally get these guys locked down for the foreseeable future. Both of them are tremendous coaches and the future of the program and our athletes are in good hands.”

High end boosters were said to also be extremely pleased with the extensions. Booster Drew Newsom did raise some eye brows at the most recent board meeting by wanting the team renamed to Speed but backed off when he learned Coach Aaron would be extended but it would not hinder Coach Aarons Speed baseball responsibilities and promptly added another $10Million to the pot. Boosters Drew Yates and Jeff Southern also added a $10 Million each.

The board is set to meet again in January to discuss buying a team jet. Booster Drew Yates said its important the team fly instead of bus over to the Shoals for TVBA games so the team can rest and be ready.

The organization is also rumored to be adding another coach to the mix to join Sivley and Terry for the 2021/2022 TVBA season but the source would not identify any names and wanted to remain nameless as they were not granted permission to discuss such matters at this time so stay tuned.

For more information about the Hartselle 4th grade basketball team visit their facebook page to learn more about each player and to see their schedule through January.