"Prestwick Halloween bash may come back to haunt host"

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A party that took place on Saturday 28th October in prestwick,Ayrshire has been described by neighbours as "an outrage" , Daniel frew,17 of prestwick hosted the wild event. Hoards of teens piled into his house on Saturday night for a Halloween party and have been seen by neighbours leaving in the early hours of the morning making noise and acting disorderly, the party started at around 6.30/7pm and continued until at least 1.30am says outraged neighbour Bob smith. His wife Margaret later added "me and Bob could not sleep for the music was very loud and there was shouting screaming and dumping coming through the walls" she then went on to explain that a unconscious male was later taken away in a car and also a girl was also taken away beforehand , concerned pensioner and neighbour Barbara brown explained the whole event as "disgraceful" and said she was close to phoning the police on 3 separate occasions during the evening , revellers started leaving the party between the hours of 12.00am and 1.30am , we spoke to teen Euan lobban aged 17 who was at the party he told us " I stayed and helped clear up " he then added "it was a great night" an investigation is now under way conducted by Daniels mother and sister who are curious as to the whereabouts of a bottle of champagne and also a bottle of vodka both with a value of around £200, they are keen to speak to anyone who may have information regarding these items , a neighbour who would prefer to keep they're identity anonymous has also said " i was out my back garden letting my dog in and smelled marijuana coming over the fence, this isn't Daniels first party and we doubt it'll be the last but this anti social behaviour needs to stop" daniel pictured in the right with pal Nicholas Payne

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