One of the lads relegated to just Carlos

Tuesday 28 September 2059 20789 Shares

One of the lads relegated to just Carlos

From drinking 24/7 with the lads, to making dinner for Anna, Carlos Acosta has quickly lost his status as, "one of the lads", leaving Ali and Cormac as the two remaining lads in Kitchen 7A of the Student Hotel.

Speaking to Mr. Drhimeur about the issue, he stated that, "it's a great shame to lose one of the lads. He was cool and had great banter together but this is life, women come. Cormac and I must party on without him. We lost a good soldier".

It is hoped in the Kitchen that the lad will someday return to his triumphant ways of partying, talking about shit, and most importantly, getting and talking about chicas.

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