Former Navy SEAL develops New Survival Kit

Sunday 28 February 7413 Shares

Former Navy SEAL develops New Survival Kit

In these perilous times, Former Navy SEAL, Ken Good has developed a new grab'n-Go Survival Kit for college students who may find themselves struggling with the pressure of of not getting their way.

This is only a stop-gap measure. Mr. Good and his team will be developing ready-made petitions to sign, useless graduations certificates from free online University's, shoes designed to withstand repeated stomping/tantrum events and an online manual filled with "trigger" words to avoid and/or taunt and shame your opponents with.

The team are also compiling a downloadable, editable document that allows one to rewrite History as the user sees fit.

First 1,000 people to get the kit also receives as bonus offer, a 128 Gig Sim card for long term storage of selfies and Juvenile internet MEME's.