Ashton Irwin Facts That You 100 Didn't Know Of

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Saturday 27 November 2059 59832 Shares

Ashton Irwin Facts That You 100 Didn't Know Of

I know for sure that most of you have never heard of these facts about our favorite Drummer, Ashton Irwin. How about if we begin?

1) Ashton's favorite color is red. I know that most of you know this, but you don't know the reason behind it all. He only loves Red because it's the color of blood. He has never worn anything else but that color, in bandanas or flannel button up shirts or any other objects. It's very clear on what it is.

2) Ashton's favorite mythical beings are Vampires. That ties along with his favorite color, as listed above. It was gruesome, to know what his favorite color was, but added up when we heard about why he loved it. He was also shown wearing a Vampire shirt to one of his concerts, concealing the full reason why.

3) Followig along with allergies of Cats, he's very allergic to Garlic. This is an awfully surprising allergy, though, whereas he was seen eating it a few days ago. Publicly as well, and we have gotten notes on this viewing by a common reporter who was passing by and new of his allergies, enough to write down what she had seen.

4) Ashton hates sunlight. He's never stepped foot in sunlight ever in his life, which questions how he's so handsomely tan. He was supposedly recorded being taken outside, but the footage showed no sign of Ashton in any frame. Also very shocking, despite that he could be seen on his YouTube videos and music videos, as well as on the big screen on concerts.

5) Ashton was caught with Vampire fangs. Seconds before a concert in Miami Beach, Florida, he was seen backstage with Vampire fangs showing from his mouth. They were clear as ever, which shocked everyone who had seen them. They were noted by a fellow reporter who had entered backstage to question each member on a certain part of their career. Surprising alone, Ashton with fangs, isn't it?

6) Ashton was seen with someone, via security camera, alone in a room. He was pressed against them with his mouth against their neck, but not in a good way. When he finished, they collapsed onto the ground and records have shown that they had no pulse. They had been killed, but by who and how did they do it?

7) Ashton has never been seen on any camera except the one his band uses for music videos and in concerts. A few fans have tried to take pictures with the famous drummer, Ashton Irwin, but only received false photos of them posing next to an invisible person. Our reporter has tried taking several photos of this Ashton Irwin with her own camera, and just like the fans, nothing came up but the scenery around him.

I'm very sure that none of you has know any of those facts, they shocked us a little bit. In fact, it's even started up a new theory of Ashton.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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