Hockey world Stunned as Leafs Acquire Carey Price for Tyler Bozak, Frederik Anderson and 1st round Draft pick for 2018

Tuesday 28 September 2059 43962 Shares

Hockey world Stunned as Leafs Acquire Carey Price for Tyler Bozak, Frederik Anderson and 1st round Draft pick for 2018

The Torono Maple Leafs have done it again. Shanahan and Babcock seem to be the dynamic business duo capable of pulling of any trade previously thought to be unthinkable. This morning a deal was finalized that will see All-Star goalie Carey Price shipped away from Montreal in a deal that fans, owners and players alike never thought would come to fruition. The fact that he was on the block at all is shocking to some but the fact that they sent him to Toronto of all places, that just almost adds insult to injury for a Montreal fan base trying to reclaim the title that their last great goalie brought them (Patrick Roy). A key face-off piece Bozak has ranked in the top 5 each of the last 4 years in face-off winning percentage, and goalie Frederick Anderson expected to replace Price between the pipes.

Carey Price spoke to the media regarding the trade this morning. He was joking at times but it was obvious he was upset about the move.
"You hope to have more time (with team)...obviously I enjoyed my time here in Montreal, I am looking forward to hearing more English speaking people in my neighborhood but uhh... you know its obviously tough for me and my wife (Angela) to have to move but uhh Im excited to play for Canada's team and hopefully capture a Stanley cup"

Teammates of price have also spoken with the media, and it comes as little surprise they are having a hard time believing it as well.

"Im shocked..just shocked. ya know its time like these where the game takes more than it gives ya know and uhh..To be honest it kind of just have been through a lot with guys and you think you'll have more time to accomplish what you set out to" -Max Pacioretty on his netminder's departure

On the other side of the fence the Maple Leafs head coach had the following to say about the acquisition

"I think this move is going to be great for out team moving forward. We get a solid if not the most solid goaltender in the league or maybe even the world, to compliment our potent offensive attack and we intend to address our blue line in the coming months as well. Make no mistake the we expect to be in the thick of the cup hunt for many years to come ultimately capturing the league championship. We believe Carey Price puts us in a position to do so..." -Mike Babcock on what the acquisition means for Toronto

Montreal has long been a team with what is widely considered to be the worst fan base in the entire NHL. Typically a bunch of bitter babies whose only claim to fame is glory from decades past and despite being the more winning franchise in recent memory is still not considered "Canada's Team"

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