Residents of Central Indiana Town Vanish

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Residents of Central Indiana Town Vanish

By Bill Western

It was reported this morning, June 28, 2017 that the citizens of New Castle, Indiana were no longer anywhere to be found. A weather helicopter had flown over and noticed the town was deserted. This reporter traveled to the midwest city to see first-hand what was going on.

The first strange thing I saw was a huge flooded area on the highway near the intersection of State Road 3 and SR38. Abandoned cars sat near empty restaurants and stores. This is going to be interesting I thought.

Upon entering the town I got an eerie feeling like I had just entered a wild west ghost town. There was not a soul in sight. Their main street (SR38) was a mess of busted up asphalt and concrete. It looked like a bomb had gone off and the construction crews had left, in a hurry, leaving everything in disarray. There were huge gaps in the cityscape that appeared as though buildings had been ripped from their very foundation and tossed away somewhere.

The small city parks I passed were also abandoned and looked like time had taken its toll on the outdated playground equipment. Most unusual.

I started to get a little unnerved so I drove north towards the edge of town hoping to get back to some form of life.....civilization. That's when I heard it....

The "whoosh" "whoosh" sound permeated the air, at first faintly, then louder and louder until it was all I could hear. Then my eyesight started to go, or so I thought. It was a flickering on/off of daylight. I was confused and my head started pounding in time with the "whooshing" sound. Over the next hill I saw the blades. Huge, a kid's pinwheel on super steroids and made of steel. I was headed right towards it and it towards me! I slammed on the brakes and sat there in the middle of the road waiting to be overcome by the giant steel monster.

After a few minutes of gathering my senses and courage, and realizing that the giant turbine wasn't actually coming after me, I started to turn the car around and head home. Then I saw a shimmering light in the distance. It was the sun beating off of a actual car approaching! And behind it was another car, and another and many more. I jumped out of my car and started flagging them down. "Who are you?" " Where did you come from?" " What happened here?"

I soon learned that there was a reasonable explanation for all the oddities. The flood was from a heavy rain, the busted up streets from road construction, the playgrounds...well, they always look that way I was told. The buildings were torn down "just because" , and the "whoosh" monster was just a 'green', clean air wind turbine! That just left me with one question. Where had everyone gone?

When I asked, a small boy in the backseat of the first car of the procession piped up. His reply?

"Out to eat silly!" "We got tired of waiting on the restaurants in town to open, and the fast food joints were flooded, so we went to the nearby town of Muncie!"

So here I am headed back to town wondering how I will write this story of New Castle, Indiana.