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Wednesday 21 April 71414 Shares

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A young man was walking out to his truck early this morning about 6 a.m.... When he noticed something to the left of him he couldn't realize what it was.. as the creature came closer he realized that it was not a dog or a cat .. it started walking towards him like a regular animal would but then as the animal got closer it stood up on his back legs like a two-year-old child.. it approached him closer and closer but he couldn't keep his eyes off of it.. when the creature got close to him it hissed at him as a cat and jumped on the front of his truck scratching and growling with his hairs on his back standing up.. he did not know what it was or where the creature came from but it ran so fast like a cheetah ran into his backyard up a tree and you can hear it jumping from tree to tree he got a glimpse of it and here is the picture.. I don't believe in Monsters but I do believe in this what the man said.. this is the image that he caught and he said it kind of look like his sister in law Janette (aka)Big

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