Ozzy Osbourne Created A New Tator Tot Casserole in 1972!!

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Ozzy Osbourne Created A New Tator Tot Casserole in 1972!!

It all started in 1972, while Ozzy was rocking the US of A on the Black Sabbath Master of Reality tour. He had a March concert set in St. Paul, MN. While he was there, the band got hungry and supper was cooked for them by the wife of the venue. She wanted to give the visiting Brits a true taste of Minnesota hospitality, so she made a favorite standby meal, tator tot hotdish (known as a casserole to the rest of the world).

It seems that the Prince of Darkness enjoyed the meal so much that he asked the wife for the recipe. She hurriedly wrote the recipe out on a 4 x 6 index card. From there, the tale gets a little fuzzy. As best as can be pieced together, there was drugs, alcohol and sex involved. It is believed that either Ozzy or Geezer Butler traded an autograph for a sexual favor from a fan and used the recipe card to sign on. This has NOT been verified, but it is thought to have happened near Philadelphia.

After the tour, Ozzy was in the studio with the rest of the band when they all got the munchies. Thinking back on their recent tour, they recalled the delicious meal they had in Minnesota. Taking the lead, Ozzy was certain he knew the recipe and decided to try it. However, instead of placing the tator tots on TOP of the hamburger and veggies, he placed them on the bottom. But just like everything else he touched, the casserole (since they were in the UK) was a success!
However, Tony Iommi pointed out Ozzy's mistake, as he was prone to do. So, in true heavy metal fashion, they had to name this new dish. They dubbed it "Devils' Tator Tot Casserole".

This dish found a quick following among headbangers in the UK. From there, it spread through out Black Sabbath followers everywhere. At one point, "Rolling Stone" magazine wrote an article about the phenomenon, but it never got published. It seems there is some sort of royalty dispute between the band members as to who actually named it.

Today, Devils' Tater Tot Casserole is served by head bangers world wide on Ozzy's birthday, December 3rd. The more hardcore fans throw in the headless corpse of a bat in tribute to the Great Ozz.

Rock on!!!