"It's a Meow-rical"

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A cat who many thought a lost cause is now licking its paws.
For several days there has been something missing from one downtown Albuquerque neighborhood; the sound of laughter and the joyful meows of a man and his beloved kitten-cat.
The cat, know as "Taco" to most and Taco-cheese to some, had been on death's doorstep for 72 hours. Had it not been for the quick thinking of her owner as well as a Hail Mary infusion of shrimp by a generous fan, little Taco might have been no more.
Following days of hiding in the closet and neither drinking or eating, lil' Taco's future looked grim. Her roomate Mr. Peter Padilla stated, "I just didn't know what to do. Then I remembered some atibiotics that I had left over from a recent trip to the bath houses of Thailand and I figured, what the heck I'll give some to Taco.".
Young Taco's return from death's door was not without challenges. Cats are natual adverse to taking medication of any kind but this Kitten's human did not hesitate, he risked his finger for his feline friend.
On the morning of day three, young Taco drank some water, that evening a concerned, anonymous donor brought Taco a bag of shrimp. "I just knew she would like shrimp." Said the donor, "my mama always gave us shrimp when we were sick and it worked like a charm."
Taco ate two shrimp that night.
Later, her meteoric rise from the ashes continued as she was seen drinking water and laying on Mr. Padilla's lap.
As of this morning, this reporter can say that the worst of little Taco's ordeal is behind her. Soon, the street below Mr. Padilla's apartment will echo with laughter and meows of joy. For now, this hardened reporter's heart has softened and I will tell anyone who asks...
This truly was a meow-rical.