Alien couple adopts Bigfoot and raises him. Elvis hired as Manny.

Monday 20 September 2059 11526 Shares

Alien couple adopts Bigfoot and raises him.  Elvis hired as Manny.

It was discovered early this morning that an alien couple, from Planet XR212, in the Uriah system, has ventured to Earth and legally adopted Bigfoot. In an exclusive interview, the aliens stated that they would return to their home planet and raise Bigfoot as one of their own.

The adoptive parents stated that their planet has been sterile for millenia and the only way to continue their culture and way-of-life is by visiting neighboring systems and adopting other species in to their families. "It really works out well for all involved", said the proud, new father, "We get to continue our culture, and the planet we adopt from gets to form relationships with a more advanced civilazation, which can benefit their own planet and people".

It was a sobering moment for Bigfoot's biological father as he watched the spacecraft lift off from Terrra Firma, hover briefly over the trees, and finally disappear into the clouds.

The new parents plan to hire Elvis as their Manny.

In related news... Bigfoot's biological parents, when asked why they would allow their son to be adopted by aliens, responded, "We never intended on having children. Subsistance living, in the woods and mountains, is harsh. We felt it would be best for Harry. The way of life he will have now is far better than anything we could provide".

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