KISS to release studio outtakes from the Music from the Elder sessions.

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KISS to release studio outtakes from the Music from the Elder sessions.

If there's one thing that most KISS fans agree upon, it's that Music from the Elder is the band's worst effort. Yet, if there's one thing that Paul Stanley knows about KISS fans, it's that they've got a willingness to purchase pretty much anything if you slap the KISS logo on it and charge a premium.

"I don't even know how they found those recordings" says Bob Ezrin, the producer of the band's misguided 1981 release. "I thought that the record company had them destroyed.

"This was Eric Carr's first record with KISS", Stanley points out. "Fans loved him and deserve to hear this music." Carr was the band's replacement for Peter Criss who left the band in 1980, and was very popular among fans, and remained in the band until his death in 1991.

"I want a new Mazaratti" explains KISS bassist Gene Simmons, "and people aren't really buying our new records. The way I figure it, there's such a market for nostalgia these days, that fans will pay top dollar for these recordings."

Ace Frehley, for whom Music from the Elder was the last record he played on before leaving in 1982, has heard the unreleased recordings. "They're garbage," he said. "It's just a bunch of recordings of me tuning my guitar and Eric Carr warming up."

"Oh hell yes, they'll buy anything if they think it's rare" Frehley responded when asked if he thought KISS fans would buy the recordings. "Some of them have actually ordered KISS Kaskets! You don't think they'll shell out for some old recordings?"

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