Donald Trump Enters Guiness World Records!

Monday 14 June 2059 50781 Shares

Donald Trump Enters Guiness World Records!

Donald J. Trump has managed to do what no president before him could. In less than 5 months he has lied more than any president during their time in office. Some notable liars, like Richard Nixon and George W. Bush took years to amass the number of lies told by Trump in this ridiculously short amount of time.

Coming out of the gate early, on January 21st, he lied about the turnout for his inauguration, claiming that more people showed up for him than his predecessor, showing that no matter was too trivial for him to lie about. On the same day he also stated that the rain completely stopped as soon as he began his inauguration speech, even though a light drizzle continued throughout.

He continues to lie about voter fraud causing him to lose the popular vote. He lies when he states his administration does not have strong ties to Russia hackers, which are run by the Russian military. He lied when he claimed the homicide rate in the US was increasing. The list of lies is staggeringly long and covers many topics.

No matter how you feel about his administration, everyone can congratulate him for this one achievement. Hats off to you, Mr. President, the most prolific liar to ever sit in the oval office.

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