The FBI is collecting Intel Expose Sex trafficking community

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The FBI is collecting Intel Expose Sex trafficking community

July 15, 2017

It has recently been confirmed that emails and phone calls have been exchanged between FBI agents and a handful of citizens that may uncover a cryptic method used for prostitution and drug trafficking. What was first considered to be nothing short of fairy tales or delusions are now being examined closer and the amount of criminal possibilities are staggering! Evidence is starting to show the use of Templates, faux mail, and store fronts as communication between individuals, companies, and criminal organizations to promote and execute nefarious and illegal exchanges right under the nose of unsuspecting everyday citizens and law enforcement. What initially seems to have started out as a platform for "fun and discreet" communication between groups with similar interests quickly became underground circuit of cover ups, manipulations, surveillance, and illegal activities. Now authorities are left sifting through a hurricane Katrina type aftermath of online and physical debris to pin point areas of prosecution while those involved continuously try to cover their tracts to avoid potential charges. " Its currently a infinite circle build and destroy thats tearing apart long-term establishments, friendships, and businesses" - Fauquier County Sheriff Jason Seymore Tymes
Many programs and apps are being used but some of the more popular ones are microsoft office, WPS, 365, and Wordpress, but evidence also shows mailchimp as a past favorite. currently ADS are also being used by way of push notifications to promote as well as access personal information. Further information will be made public as the investigation unfolds.

Ian Singh,
Inside Quantico

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