Sunflower plants cause women to get excited

Saturday 15 May 2059 98349 Shares

Sunflower plants cause women to get excited

After women in there 50's to 80's with low sex strive receive fresh sunflowers from a man studies have proven that women with low levels of interest in sex tend to become excited. Some women have even wanted to take the flowers to bed with them in hopes to become more a roused when sex was going to take place. These studies were proven in a experiment with over 1,000 couples who grow there own sunflower plants in the north eastern part of the US. The down side of that part of the US is that the growing season is quite short. Men have come up with different strategies to continue to enjoy the sex strive that they want there love of there life to continue to have. They have discovered that you can purchase fake sunflowers that look so real in the hopes to fool there wives.

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