The Pas, Manitoba's own Cab Driver to receive Canada's "Cab Driver of the Year" award

Friday 30 July 2059 31375 Shares

The Pas, Manitoba's own Cab Driver to receive Canada's

The Pas, Manitoba's own cabbie, Bill Barnhart, is set to receive Canada's highest cab driver award. He was selected out of 123,000 cab drivers country wide for outstanding performance and service to his community. He has worked for Cal's Cab for the past 6 months. During our recent flight to The Pas, Mr. Barnhart arrived, as scheduled, from the airport and transported us to our hotel. Without any knowledge of our status as award committee members, Mr. Barnhart answered every question professionally and accurately. He knew the history of the local area well and went above and beyond his duties by calling to confirm our reservations, without being asked. When he was asked why he liked driving cabs, he said, "I have always worked to help the community, in some way. I have served my country, in the military and have served my community as a minister. Most of my work experience has been in service to the community. Cab Driver pay isn't that good but getting everyone to their destination safely and securely makes it worthwhile. Even though there is a few bad fares, the majority appreciate our service."
Mr. Barnhart continues to service his community, even after being robbed, threatened and cheated many times and will be receiving Canada's Cab Driver of the Year award. We congratulate him and thank him for outstanding service.

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