Local Man Finds Solution to God's only mistake.

Saturday 15 May 2059 81665 Shares

Local Man Finds Solution to God's only mistake.

A local man has left both scholars and the divine breathless earlier this afternoon when he unveiled the final draft of his solution to fix God's only mistake. Communism.

"Oh yeah they were definitely a toughy." God responded when asked his opinion on the discovery. "I sent floods, famine, firestorms, you name it. I even sent my kid back as Joseph McCarthy to send those little shits back to hell. But nothing worked. I never would've imagined that combining helicopters and cocaine would make their only weakness. I was breathless."

When asked how he came up with the idea, the man simply gave a warm, fatherly smile and promptly flew off into the sunset in a rainbow painted helicopter.

The results of further analysis reveal that when applied, this method will fix literally everything and propel us into the age of extra-solar travel.

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