Cleveland man finds Rare Comic Book

Wednesday 21 April 80297 Shares

Cleveland man finds Rare Comic Book

A local Cleveland Tennessee Man has found the holy Grail of comic books.
Action comics number one the very first appearance of Superman was discovered in an attic.
Peter Spinks the man who found the book is still recovering from shock. Local reports say he found it in a box of old newspapers and inside was the "Holy Grail".
The condition Of said Comic Book is on a scale of 1 to 10, Spinks says "it looks to be at least a 6.0-7.0".
An Action number 1 in this condition is worth close to a Million dollars!
Spinks says he is planning on driving to Florida to have a professional company grade the book.
We will post more updates on this amazing story as we get information.
-Bob Halle
-Cleveland Daily Banner

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