Police looking for local Ashland man

Wednesday 21 April 96174 Shares

Police looking for local Ashland man

Police in Ashland, KY are looking for a local man they say has committed heinous acts in the Tri-state area. Kevin Dingess, 37, of Ashland Is wanted for multiple incidents of trespassing into residents backyards and removing his pants.

Martha Walton, a local resident, was the first to submit a surveillance tape from her property that shows Dingess climbing her fence, then proceeding to remove his pants and dance about the yard. "It was appalling" Martha states as she watched the video a second time with us. "I just don't understand what's gotten in to people these days. It's probably drugs." Dingess is also accused of mooning security cameras before scampering back over the fence.

Police reported to his property today, but could not find any evidence of anyone on the premises. Any tips leading to his capture will result in a reward of $500. Tips can be made by calling 1-606-323-6758.

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