Alligators Spotted in a North Georgia river.

Wednesday 21 April 61637 Shares

Alligators Spotted in a North Georgia river.

A group of individuals, Friday July 21, 2017, came up upon something out of the ordinary in South Whitfield Co. Georgia, just a few miles south of Dalton. The group was kayaking the southern most terminus of the Conasauga River Friday afternoon when a couple of alligators emerged from a grassy shoal. "At first we thought it was just a huge carp or maybe a gar", (a fish that's native to this region).

Today, Saturday July 22, 2017 a team of biologist with the help of the Georgia DNR are combing this area of river. They're asking that if you come across the alligators, don't approach. Scientists are saying that this is highly likely to be the result of the rapid climate change we're currently dealing with. They're also cautioning that more alligators could be in other areas of rivers. "It's quite possible that they're migrating further north due to climate change. Just keep an eye out for them and stay clear".

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