QRT Team Drawn Into Russian Controversy

Tuesday 02 March 71266 Shares

QRT Team Drawn Into Russian Controversy

In a stunning relevation, QRT founding member Terrence Burns' previous relationship and dealings with the upper echelons of the Kremlin leadership have been called into question. Burns, reached today in Cascade Locks, Oregon, on the first stage of the internationally acclaimed Quality Remaining Time Tour, said, "Here is the bottom line and I want to be very clear: I may be the only public figure in America who has NOT met with Sergey Kislyak...ever." Continuing, he said "Mr. Kislyak, like virtually everyone on the planet, reached out to us to demonstrate his enthusiastic support of the QRT and offer his and his country's support - which we politely declined because the QRT refuses to be used as a political tool."

Rick Fine, another QRT founding member released a statement: Myself and the other QRT founder members, Brent Walz and Roy Milligan, have spoken to Terrence and here's the deal: we stand behind him behind one hundred percent - no questions asked...unless of course facts prove otherwise."

An anonymous source has surfaced one of Burns' Russian visas where it appears he received preferential treatment. Burns could not be reached for further comment, however Brent Waltz said "what do you want me to say...I don't even speak Russian or like Russian food."