Bailey middle school worst school in Nevada

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Bailey middle school is voted Nevada's worst middle school. Due to its lack of educated kids, good behavior, and the the amount of trouble there is.
Bailey Middle School is a school you definitely don't want your kids' going to.
Bailey is known for its outrageous fights. Most of the time, they end up bloody or someone gets arrested. Some kids are very rude, don't listen, or go as far as throwing things in the class room, it'll either be at the teacher or at a student.
Kids will even drink in the classroom, smoke, or start fighting.
Do you really want your child going to this middle school?

Bailey also has some students that are known for their outrageous acts. Such as, walking out, fighting, gang bang, and cussing out teachers. A couple students, we will not say their names, are the reasons why Bailey is a bad school, due to their behavior. A story that will make you think about having your child enter the doors of this crazy school.
A classroom was being very noisy, the reason was because a kid was snorting cocaine. Shouting the words "do it, do it, do it!" By multiple kids.
Another one is, a young girl overdosed on cocaine, which ended up on her floor bleeding.
Students gang bang by saying the are "crips" or "bloods", they also get into big fights due to these gangs.
If your child goes to Bailey ask them and they will tell you plenty of stories.
Bailey has a list of kids that are the worst. We asked them if we can release their names, and they said yes.
Nijha Bentery
Morelia Ponce Burke.
Mandi (Amanda) Paynter
Emily Gonzalez.
Spirit Kidwell
Ivyana Day.
Auja Di'jimi
Maria Ortega Milton
Jose Fernandez
Anya Walker
Da'ton Miller
Alexander Rivera
Izzac (Juve) Vasquez
James Robinson
Nate (Nathan) Jayon.
That is as far as the list goes.
These are most of the kids that made Bailey what it is today.
Also, we are sorry if we mentioned your child's name

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