Region Vigilante Man Aids Community In Stopping Child Predators

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Region Vigilante Man Aids Community In Stopping Child Predators

In the dawn of a new decade, and social media being more available to everyone of any age, it makes our day to day lives far more convenient. Unfortunately, social media, and mobile dating sites are littered with child predators, and in some cases, even human traffickers. One man in the region has taken matters into his own hands, in an attempt to put a dent into the force that slips between the cracks, and try to provide safety, security, and awareness for young boys and girls that happen to be using these websites.

Samuel Hirosky of Crown Point, IN, fabricates fictious social media accounts posing as teen girls, and teen boys, in an attempt to lure in predators, and eventually meet them face to face.

"What happens during the meetings can become grizzly, and dangerous" Hirosky told us.

When asked about how most of the meetings go, Hirosky told us that they typically go smoothly, as he explains that their personal information, chat logs, and vehicle discription will be turned over to the local police. So far, every single predator that Hirosky has met with was later charged, and most of them that spoke explicitly during conversation were also charged for attempted sexual solicitation of a minor.

"This isn't for everyone" explained Samuel when NWI Times contacted him through phone for comment, "There have been two times where it led to a physical dispute"

According to Sam, a physical altercation isn't something that would deter him from continuing what he's doing.

When asked about his fear of meeting with someone who is well armed, and dangerous, Hirosky chuckled and replied, "They're not the only one that's armed and dangerous, I cannot be intimidated by any man who is trying to have sex with kids." He also added, "When they meet me, they're no longer the predator. I am."

Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter, as well as detectives also agreed to comment, exclaiming that Samuel "has no business doing this work" and if something goes wrong, he "can and will be charged just as any criminal would if he causes anyone bodily injury, or harm".

Also, adding that the Sherrifs Department has its own unit for bringing justice to sexual predators, and human trafficking.
Because of this, Hirosky and his associates that tag along occasionally, can severely hinder their investigations.

However, Hirosky stays by his cause, and what he's doing, and claims that he will continue his operation regardless of local law enforcement agencies recommendations for him to stop. He explained that he would rather be in jail because of one predator, than know that there is a child in danger or missing because he didn't follow through with his duties as a citizen, and as a man.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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