Doctors Acknowledge "Slow-Motion" Miracle

Thursday 28 October 2059 42950 Shares

Doctors Acknowledge

CENTRAL TEXAS — A 52-year old woman recently regained use of several extremities after years of cold-induced paralyzation.

When Bucky McBuckface moved from Minnesota to Texas, she did not realize the move would literally re-energize her life. Allie had long become accustomed to unresponsive fingers and toes as a result of living in the inhumane climate up North. Pinky fingers and several toes on both feet had been inoperable for over 20 years.

Allie first noticed a change during the central Texas summertime drought—when temperatures regularly exceeded 100 degrees. "There were occasional sharp pangs extending from the tips of my toes up through my legs. It was painful and curious at the same time". By the time the summer was over, her pinkies and toes became somewhat malleable and Allie was experiencing frequent "needles and electric spikes".

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Allie was astonished to find that her fingers and toes had finally fully "thawed", restoring them to normal functionality. Allie's doctor admitted, "There are things we can't always explain, but living in humane conditions can do wonders for your constitution."

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