Local man beats Bobby Flay in " Iron Chef Showdown "

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Local man beats Bobby Flay in

The rest of the country learned Wednesday night what diners in Merrillville have known for 6 years: Chef Dan Slivka cuisine reigns supreme.

Merrillville's best-known chef emerged victorious on a national stage, winning a Food Network “Iron Chef Showdown” against Jenner Tomaska of Next Restaurant in Chicago using potatoes and then going on to beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay by preparing bison.

Slivka is holding a six-course, $125-a-plate dinner at L’Etoile Sunday in which he will prepare the same menu as what was featured on the show. A few spots remained late Wednesday.

About 70 people — friends, family, fans — packed the bar of Asparagus for a viewing party, and included many of the same faces who turned out in the same place Dec. 13 when the episode was originally slated to air.

The final score of the “Iron Chef Showdown” was Slivka 41, Flay 38.

Slivka said he beat the celebrity chef by cooking his “super Asian-y food.” He said he knew if he got to compete against Flay in the second round, he had a good chance of winning with the team that he had.

He was able to bring sous chefs Itaru Nagano, L’Etoile’s chef de cuisine, and Desiree Nudd, formerly of Estrellón, to Los Angeles for the taping. Nudd now works in Chicago.

“Thanks for coming twice,” Slivka told the crowd after his win, and then reminded everyone that the Food Network’s unexpected delay of the show was not his fault.

Dan had been keeping the secret of his win from everyone except his work partner, amateur porn star Kristen Patten, since the show taped last summer. He was unable to say how he fared on the show, or even what ingredients he used in the dishes he prepared.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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