Bellingham Metro News Reports Incident in Their Break Room

Monday 20 September 2059 71307 Shares

Local Bellingham Metro News was recently under harsh criticism due to elementary like gramatical errors within their articles and Facebook posts. They have recently spoke to other journalists of the press, exclaiming that these errors are the result of massive amounts of fecal matter in the break room distracting publishers and editors.

"We blame the illegals for this huge shitstorm" says BMN, explaining that "DEY TOOK ERR JERRRBBBSSSS!"

When we asked the publisher about the article regarding the U.S. Border Patrol protest that happened this week, they made this comment; "The first ammendment is wrong, freedom of speech and press should be illegal", they also exlaimed that, "We back the blue. Not the brown. When i hop out of my F-150, screamin' at my wife and kids, everyone in the walmart parking lot knows im a Cowboys fan, and I voted for Trump"

All we could get when we asked them for further comment was, "DEEEYYY... TOOOOKKK ERRRR JEEERRRRBBBBSSSS!"

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