How Trump is being scammed out of the 2020 election

Wednesday 16 June 2059 24395 Shares

How Trump is being scammed out of the 2020 election

Covid 19 has affected the world in many inconceivable ways and now it will affect the world on a permanent 4 year basis. In recent times the United States held their annual election after a solid 4 years with Trump at the helm of the country. Although many voters would have loved for the election to be put off for his next 4 years Trump willingly obliged to run against Biden in what he saw was a certain victory. Sure enough when the votes started piling in as expected Trump held a comfortable lead, early Monday morning he was slashed by the media for declaring his electoral win when it looked certain. Suddenly while the votes were being counted behind his back major states' votes began to flip with Biden taking many of Trump's important electoral states.

While Trump still holds 4 states more than Biden somehow according to the rigged polls he was still losing 264 to 214 electoral votes in a race to 270. When Trump appealed to take his case to the supreme court to right what was wrong many of the same fake news journalists mocked him to try to get him to withhold the appeal. As stated by Trump “This is a major fraud in our nation”. It makes sense that Biden stated “We feel good about where we are” when the whole democratic party is using covid 19 social distancing rules to change votes and flip major states to create a fraud puppet president. Biden is scamming the whole nation, while Trump was a good sport and decided to give Joe Biden a chance to win by revoting, him and the whole democratic party couldn't bear to lose for a second time in a year. Why else would the liberal media and far left supporters mock Trump for asking for recounts and a halt of voting counts in the last two major states whose votes have yet to be rigged.

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