French bulldog gains even more popularity than Trump in Kentucky Hamlet

Tuesday 15 June 2059 8304 Shares

French bulldog gains even more popularity than Trump in Kentucky Hamlet

Wilbur is a 6-month-old French bulldog, and has a big four years ahead of him! The dog has been elected mayor in Rabbit Hash, kentucky.
The town of 500 residents has never had a human mayor, something that they think the president of the U.S. should take notes from. The little dog is said to have done an extraordinary job thus far at running the small town, and has no plans whatsoever to stop. The voting had ended fairly quickly, and Wilbur had quickly climbed the ranks, his opponent left behind with less than a quarter of the total votes.

“You better watch out, USA!” Residents shouted in the streets as Wilbur was confirmed as the mayor one fateful morning. In the late 1980s, a local man had proposed the idea of electing animal mayors for the town. The idea became more popular after residents saw the steady decline of America take place in 2016 after its presidential election. All animal mayors had taken their job seriously, reports another local after coming from a meeting with the mayor. “He’s a respectable man, smart and knows how to chase something to the very end.”

So far there have been 5 amazing dog mayors in Kentucky, and all have served their town with the utmost sincerity and loyalty, something you can’t seem to come by in the U.S. these days! Wilbur has been reported to “be taking his duties with pride, along with plenty of ear scratches and back rubs, courtesy of Rabbit Hash Residents.”

“Woof, woof woof bark bark arf, grrr woof woof. Bark bark arf arf, huff bark bark woof.” Mayor Wilbur proclaimed one day in front of the town at a meeting. Everyone was in agreement with this statement, and so began a revolutionary moment for Rabbit Hash.

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